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FlavaTM - Note/Journal

FlavaTM - Note/Journal

Category: Productivity | Version: 2.6.4
Developer: Greenmonster, Inc. | Size: 16.43MB | Updated:01-8
Capture your moments with Flava. The moments will become precious treasures of your life!
Flava is private note/journal application with personal timeline to seize your life by moments.
"Best Android Apps of 2013" -
"Flava is a fun and quirky journaling app" - TheNextWeb
"Flava is fun, addictive, just the thing to get you started" - MacLife
"Flava is a beautiful little digital scrapbook on your phone" - AppAdvice
✔ Flava supports following features
: Text, photo, voice, video, location data, book/music/movie libraries, URL available for composition of a single page entry all at the same time
: Thematic icon & text tagging for fast and easy organization of pages
: Auto replay showing pictures from past moments with nice background music
: Exportation of selected pages of pictures within Flava timeline via facebook and twitter.
: In-app PIN lock and various sub features including photo geotagging & date stamping option
✔ Safely back-up your data & freely access it with various devices
: Entire Flava timeline can be safely backed-up using Flava's own built-in cloud service
: Users can access backed-up timeline from different mobile devices and desktop browsers by simply logging in with their existing Flava account
✔ Many people use Flava as,
: Personal diary for freely jotting down personal thoughts & feelings
: Movie/book log with personal comments on favorite contents
: Dating journal for keeping moments spent with significant other
: Shared diary between couples in relationships
: Baby book for compiling photos and video clips of growing child
: Fashion scrap book for keeping records of one's daily fashion choices and wish lists
Website :
Twitter : @takeflava
Facebook :
Email : [email protected]

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FlavaTM - Note/JournalFlavaTM - Note/JournalFlavaTM - Note/JournalFlavaTM - Note/Journal

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