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Equation Calculator - Equreka

Equation Calculator - Equreka

Category: Productivity | Version: 1.0.31
Developer: JIMBUSoft | Size: 3.05MB | Updated:01-10
Equreka is an app to ease and quicken everyday calculation by storing your frequently used variabled equation/formula into apps. If user want to perform calculation, the only things to do is open the formula and then enter its variables. Then, Equreka will calculate the equation & show the result. This apps could be very useful for engineer, students, scientist, professional and everyone who need to perform formula calculation frequently in their daily life.
Equation / Formula are created in one straightforward step by using standard everyday equation syntax. User only need to write the equation/formula intuitively, and then the apps parser will automatically detect which one is variable and which one is not.
Equreka Main Features
- Formula Calculator : Create, store, and execute your own equations / Formulas
- Formula Database : Browse & execute more than 500+ Built in Equations / Formulas
- Formula Search Engine : Powerful yet intuitive search engine for filtering equations / Formulas
- (Pro Version) No Ads
- (Pro Version) UI Themes Selector
- (Pro Version) Duplicate Formula
Built in Formula :
- High School Physics Calculator
- Newtonian Physics Calculator
- Electrical Physics Calculator
- Electromagnetic Physics Calculator
- Financial Calculator
- Geometry Calculator
- Statistic Calculator
- Probability Calculator
- Unit Conversion Calculator
- Health Calculator
- Solar Photovoltaic (PV) Calculator
- Information Technology Calculator
- Fluid Physics Calculator
- Wave Physics Calculator
- Optic Physics Calculator
- Particle Physics Calculator
- Modern Physics Calculator
Create your own Equations / Formulas with variables:
- Not Satisfied with our built in Equations / Formulas? Create it by yourself
- With Equreka, you can create, store, manage, search and execute your own equations / Formulas
- Equreka is packed with 20+ built in functions and up to 26 usable variables
Search Engine:
- With our unique yet not patented keyword based filtering algorithm, picking your equations / Formulas never been easier
- Just throw every words you remember about equations / Formulas you want to search, Equreka will show it for you
- Only needs a bunch of equations / Formulas and too lazy to search? Don't worry, Equreka is equipped with powerful filtering tools for personalizing your needs.
- Apply the filter, and Equreka will shows only equations / Formulas you need next time you open it
Creating Equations / Formulas tips
- Equreka support variables from a to z (26 variables) in case sensitive typography. Uppercase letter (A to Z) are not supported
- Please use standardized Equation Naming Convention for equation name you may create. The standard equation name are like this: "(topic specific) (end result) BY (variables) IN (dimension)". For example: "photovoltaic capacity factor by energy production and peak sun hour in metric"
- use 'equation tag' to store any keyword that didn't fit into 'Equation Name'. For example equation common name like "Newton Third Law" or "relativity", equation topic like "high school physics", "thermodynamic" and etc
- due to library bug, please avoid to use ( ) as bracket. Use [ ] and { } instead. ( Bracket ( ) still will be calculated correctly but the equation may be displayed incorrectly in equation string renderer due to this bug)
- always use asterix ( * ) as a multiplication operator ( x ). using dot ( . ) or omitted it completely will result in uncontrolled manner. Example: write 2*b instead of 2b to calculate 2 multiplied with b
- if you really want these pro version features, but you didn't have money to buy it (maybe because you already struggle for daily life, too poor to afford, have big debt to bear, or something like that), don't worry. Just contact me. I'll give you code to unlock your Equreka to become Equreka Pro. For Free.

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Equation Calculator - EqurekaEquation Calculator - EqurekaEquation Calculator - EqurekaEquation Calculator - Equreka

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