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APUS Booster+"Small, Effective

APUS Booster+"Small, Effective

Category: Productivity | Version: 1.1.0
Developer: APUSAPPS1 | Size: 488KB | Updated:01-23
APUS Booster+ is a small utility featuring advanced memory optimization and performance boosting, thorough while durable.
ROOT free: APUS Booster+ cleans up the memory effective without root permission, even better than those requires root permission;
Thorough boost: Memory that was effectively released by APUS Booster+ is more than 50% in comparison with other boost apps;
1-Tap acceleration: All you need is 1-tap, forget about manuals and instructions;
More durable: After stopping an app, Apus Booster also prevents it from auto restarting , which helps to ensure durable and effective boosting;
Ignore list: Add app you want to keep running to ignore list;
APUS Booster+ and APUS Launcher born to work together, making boosting smarter, more effective and durable.
Enable Accessibility Services:
Go to [System Settings -> Accessibility -> APUS Booster+ -> ON], and finish it by tapping [OK] in the following pop-up.
You may receive a warning during the process. Tap [OK] when it's need to. The small warning pop-up is a regular reminder for any app requesting for Accessibility services, APUS Booster+ will NEVER collect any personal information.

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APUS Booster+"Small, EffectiveAPUS Booster+"Small, Effective

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