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FocusNow-Bye delay,Enjoy focus

FocusNow-Bye delay,Enjoy focus

Category: Productivity | Version: 2.1.0
Developer: 欢聚时代 | Size: 8.11MB | Updated:01-23
"* Most amazing Pomodoro App helps you overcome dilly-dally.
* Most effective habit cultivation tool makes you outstanding.
All these will be achieved in a beautiful farm.
Pomodora is a simple and fashionable GTD time management tool. Focus is built for this. It helps you overcome dilly-dally, get rid of bad habits and say goodbye to smartphone addition (phubbing), making you focus on your work and study. With it, you will be elite in your company or your school.
1. Pomodoro Technique Based on Fruit Planting
If you want to put down your smartphone and focus on your work, you could plant a lovely fruit tree in Focus App. In the next 25 minutes, tree will grow slowly and beautifully. In this process, if you succumb to smartphone temptation to play phone games or login social websites, the fruit tree will die. This is based on Pomodoro technique, working in 25 minutes dedicatedly. It is a perfect tool to get rid of dilly-dallies.
2. Habit Formation
You could set daily good habits. Focus App could help you decide and conduct habits on time. Meanwhile, habit formation has multiplayer mode in which you could organize your 'allies' to form the same good habit, punch in and gain credits together. Friends could supervise each other even in long distance.
3. Combination of Farm Castle Game and Time Management
Both Pomodoro technique and habit formation are achieved in a picturesque farm castle which adds color to your efficient and progressive daily life.
4. Ranking List Worldwide
Your concentration and your habits will be credited by points. Therefore, your progress and achievement will be competed with buddies worldwide through ranking list. Let friends worldwide encourage together and make progress together.
At Your Service All The Time
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Official QQ Group: 385355547"

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FocusNow-Bye delay,Enjoy focusFocusNow-Bye delay,Enjoy focusFocusNow-Bye delay,Enjoy focusFocusNow-Bye delay,Enjoy focus

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