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Battery Aid Saver

Battery Aid Saver

Category: Productivity | Version: 2.6.2
Developer: The Battery Life project | Size: 1.55MB | Updated:01-23
- Automatically turn off Wifi / Bluetooth / Data, when not in use (Connected) for the given period.
- Toggle System auto-Sync.
- Beautiful new Material Design, animations(!), and no ads!
- Automatic help on low battery.
- Reminders of good times to charge, such as when battery is low at bed time.
- Simple Screen controls to quickly lower brightness and save battery.
- Option to automatically turn on Bluetooth in a Car Dock.
Battery Aid does not use any more battery power than your device already does! Wifi/Bluetooth/Data Aid only activate when you turn on device Wifi, Bluetooth, or Data.
If you would like to join the Beta for quicker updates, click here!
App now available in: English, Russian, Spanish, French, Italian, and Dutch, and some others (thanks to all contributors!) If you would like to add or update translations, please have a look here :
I am a student developer - If you like this app, please leave a review! It really helps motivation for updates. Thank you.
Aurélien Delval - French translation, and Play Store header artwork, (new) Material icon Design.
Josh Cuddy - Icon artwork.

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Battery Aid SaverBattery Aid SaverBattery Aid SaverBattery Aid Saver

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