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Floating Notes (Lite)

Floating Notes (Lite)

Category: Productivity | Version: 1.01
Developer: AshK | Size: 0.63MB | Updated:08-25
Tiny notepad app that opens as a small window floating over other apps!
Create notes instantly while browsing the web, reading books, watching movies, playing games or while attending a call!
* Create notes instantly and save them as text(.txt) files.
* Open multiple windows and edit all notes simultaneously. (PRO)
* You can minimize, maximize, close, move and resize any window just like in PC or MAC.
* Pinch to resize windows (PRO) or drag the bottom right corner to resize.
* Minimize the app to floating bubbles and double tap to restore the window.
* Maximize the app by double tapping the title bar to use it just like any other app.
* Adjust window transparency so that they don't hide the content below. (PRO)
* Automatically saves the text as you type so as to recover if you forget to save or in case of application crash.
* Share text and accept shared text from other apps.
* Copy, paste and clear all text.
* Undo and redo options. (PRO)
* Insert bullets by tapping enter key. (PRO)
* Change font color (PRO) and size.
**If application crashes due to low memory then go to Menu > Open > Recent to recover your content.
**Text selection may not work in some devices.
For queries, suggestions or to report bugs please drop a mail at [email protected]

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Floating Notes (Lite)Floating Notes (Lite)Floating Notes (Lite)Floating Notes (Lite)Floating Notes (Lite)Floating Notes (Lite)

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