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List My Apps

List My Apps

Category: Productivity | Version: 3.6
Developer: Onyxbits | Size: 0.24MB | Updated:09-6
Question: Hi, I'm new to Android. Which apps must I absolutely have?
Answer: Uhm, give me a minute to pen down the list (again)
Ever found yourself in this situation? Your friend, uncle, aunt, etc. recently converted to Android and you, being the local tech guru, are now suppose to tell them what to download?
Sifting through the app drawer is a hassle. What should you recommend? Why? and most importantly: how? A list with appname, market link and optionally a comment would be great, but is no fun to compile manually.
With List My Apps, the task becomes as easy as checking the app(s) you want to recommend and sharing them as:
* Plain text
* HTML list (e.g. for blog comments)
* BBCode list (used by many forums)
* Markdown list (e.g. for Reddit)
* Market URL (e.g. for direct sharing via barcode scanner app or importing in Raccoon:
* Any custom format, defined through the build-in template editor.
Interested in discovering new apps yourself? List My Apps also includes a quid-pro-quo social sharing feature: just select some apps, hit "browse" and trade your recommendation for someone elses!

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List My AppsList My AppsList My Apps

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