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Category: Productivity | Version: 1.1.7
Developer: Yahoo Japan Corp. | Size: 3.78MB | Updated:02-28
mato*memo" allows you to easily keep memos of interesting text or web site URL in other apps, just by a copy and shake!
・Promises made with friends on "WhatsApp" or "E-mail"
・Favorites web sites found in the Internet
・Interesting articles you read on news apps
・Recipes discovered in cookery apps
・Interesting restaurants found on gourmet apps
and so on.
Copy URLs and text that you want to keep as memos, then shake to store them in "mato*memo".
■Keep memos easily with copy → shake
Just copy and shake to keep interesting text, web site URLs, etc. found on other apps and store them as memos in mato*memo.There is no need to open mato*memo each time you want to save, just one shake and it will be stored!
■Screen captures can also be saved with a shake
With mato*memo you can also save screen captures as memos easily with a shake.Say goodbye to those times when you thought, "I don't know where I saved it!"After taking a screen capture, shake and save it into "mato*memo".
■Categorize memos easily with icons
"mato*memo" provides cute icons to easily categorizing memos.Of course, if you do not want to you can do simply press the "Take a memo for now" button.
※"matomemo" does not support OS versions earlier than Android 4.0

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