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Voice Alerts

Voice Alerts

Category: Social | Version: 2.0.2
Developer: Lifeform Apps | Size: 4.65MB | Updated:01-6
COMPLETELY REVAMPED VERSION OF VOICE ALERTS! (Previous Version featured 4/5 Stars on Google Play)
Voice Alerts uses the Text-To-Speech capabilities of Android to read out loud a great variety of events happening in your phone. From the Emails or SMS you receive to messages from social networks or even system status such as the time, the battery level or who is calling you. Voice Alerts keeps track on everything happening in your phone and tells you about it.
It is very useful while driving your car or bike since you do not need to look at your screen when you receive a message. Use it with headphones to enjoy it at its best and keep your private messages and alerts just for you.
* 5 Languages (English, German, Italian, French and Spanish)
* Language detection
* Incomming/Missed calls alerts
* SMS alerts
* Gmail alerts
* Calendar alerts
* Twitter
* Facebook
* Many more to come
* Shake to stop alerts
* Battery, Time, Wifi networks.
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Voice AlertsVoice AlertsVoice AlertsVoice Alerts

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