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Category: Social | Version: 1.5.0
Developer: Walkingnet International Co. Ltd. | Size: 24.44MB | Updated:06-23
Chance is another eye for you in this information age. It firstly breaks barrier of virtual and real world. Based on NBS(Neighbor Based Service), Chance gives you the power of connecting other people in your sight and further extraordinary features is listed below:
★[Insight] The people appear in this place is someone besides you here and now.
★[With] Based on this unique feature, you can record who is with you when take a picture or write some thoughts.
Not @ someone far away, With this one besides you.
★[Memory] Each encounter will be automatically recorded. This special memory is just for you and someone special for you.
★[Favor] Call for help as you need, then all people will receive this message.
More fun is waiting for you to discover, what Chance can do is beyond your imagination.

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