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Category: Social | Version: 0.2.2
Developer: Gregor Santner Food & Drink Rated for 3+ | Size: 3.67MB | Updated:02-8
* Lets you share (mainly naturally growing) food to others
* The main idea is to share to and help other people by e.g. sharing pears, which would rot anyway if unused
* Intended to use in the local area - zoom in to your location and look for entries
* Everyone can add entries (and delete them), no login needed
* Entries will be available 3 weeks
* Available in English, German, Czech, Spanish and Japanese
* Open-Source project - see
How to support the project?
* Share the app and tell other people about it
* Tell things that could be improved
* Submit translations on Crowdin -
* Supply artwork or vector icons for the different types of entries

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