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9CHAT - Forum, Chat, Friend

9CHAT - Forum, Chat, Friend

Category: Social | Version: 2.8.2
Developer: 9GAG | Size: 14.71MB | Updated:07-1
9CHAT - Connecting people with similar passions and interests
9CHAT is a free app that lets you discover, chat and engage with new people and communities around the world!
More than a forum, 9CHAT is a global community where you can share opinions with like-minded people and meet new friends.
You can easily find different chatrooms or communities on areas that you're into, join the groups to keep tabs on your interests.
Download now to engage or initiate discussion on topics you are passionate about!
With the "Nearby" feature, you can have discussion or initiate a 1-on-1 online chat to connect with people nearby or discover more about all the things happen around you.
Have you tried using apps like Tinder, Okcupid, Tapatalk, Badoo, Skout or
Try 9CHAT now, let us help you meet with great people and make friends with people who share simliar interest as you do.
9CHAT is more than just traditional social network, people you meet here will be as excited by your hobby as you are.
Join the 9CHAT community now to make new friends!
Awesome features:
- Discover interesting and funny content with featured groups and communities, updated frequently
- Find out the hottest and lastest news around with our news feed filtering algorithm
- Explore common interests with like-minded people in community groups and make friends
- Express yourself with text and photo, and engage in discussion on topic you love
- Talk to friends all over the world! Real-time 1-on-1 chats with people on 9GAG randomly, or talk privately with people who replied to your comments
- Feel free to start a secure 1-on-1 online chat with new friends, messages are never stored on our server
- Get notified when someone responded to your comments or sent you a message -- so you will never miss a message!
- Vote posts and replies to help prioritise the best posts and replies
- Login with your 9GAG account, or sign up on the fly
- And more coming soon!
See what our users are saying about us:
"Awesome JUST Awesome! Love this app so much its perfect app for chatting, and I can meet people around the world" - Abhay ★★★★★
"A social network where you can discuss about things and chat with people. Amazingly supportive community." - Jean ★★★★★
"I love 9CHAT! It is like tinder, hot or not, badoo, skout, okcupid, whisper, reddit, imgur, 4chan, tapatalk, snapchat in a mix! It beats all those boring dating/forum apps." - Tom ★★★★★
"Awesome!! It's very good app, you can make friends and have good time reading other peoples posts and etc." - Gneffer ★★★★★
"Better than regular Internet forums, people here are nice and friendly. LOVE this community!!!" - Janis ★★★★★
"It is like 9GAG in steroid - much more than best funny pics, GIFs, LOL, vine, videos, memes, cute, wtf, geeky, nsfw, cosplay photos... Lots of interesting discussions - the best forum on the phone!" - Chris ★★★★★
"5 stars. One of the best networking apps, perfect for chatting! Happy that I can meet people around the world!" - Tommy ★★★★★
"This is better than facebook, twitter, tumblr... It must be the next big thing!" - Ada ★★★★★
"Brilliant! It's an awesome app, great platform for the introverts of 9gag to converse" - Michael ★★★★★
"I don't really like regular Internet forums, but this chatroom/ forum is different. I can chat with other members and here I have an active and surprisingly nice community. Thanks!" - Sina ★★★★★
"Its fun and an awesome way to get to know people. Great community." - Tosenko ★★★★★
"The chat feature is great, I love to chat with other 9GAG-ers around the world. " - Francis ★★★★★
Thank you all for the support and patience, more awesome features are coming soon!
We take your feedbacks very seriously, please report bugs/give suggestions to us and make this a better community.
Email: [email protected]

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9CHAT - Forum, Chat, Friend9CHAT - Forum, Chat, Friend9CHAT - Forum, Chat, Friend9CHAT - Forum, Chat, Friend9CHAT - Forum, Chat, Friend9CHAT - Forum, Chat, Friend

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