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Category: Tools | Version: 1.0
Developer: linkrite | Size: 1.47MB | Updated:03-9
Introduction:When you are not allowed to answer an incoming call from the cellphone during conference, class, or even you don't want to answer it, respond it by written messages on LINE, WeChat, Skype or WhatsApp which is available on the Internet.
Situations: - answer incoming call is not allowed during conference or class.
- silence is required at public place, such as in the bus, metro, theatre, hospital, office, etc.
- just don't want to talk sometimes.
Instructions: - download LinkRite APP on your cellphone
- make sure your cellphone has already available with any written massager, such as LINE, WeChat, Skype or WhatsApp as well as on the Internet.
- the incoming caller must be one in the directory of your cellphone
- the incoming caller must be one in the directory of the written messager on your cellphone.
Patents : Taiwan Utility Model Patents Number 103212887
Taiwan Invention Patents Number 103124723
China Invention Patents Number 201410354078.3
USA Invention Patents Number 14/799583
Europe and Japan patents are under application.
Copyright protected. Violators will be prosecuted.
Attentions: - Support 4 written messagers, LINE / WeChat / WhatsApp / Skype.
- Support Android only at present.
- Extra set up to jump out the remind-block for MIUI's strict defense.
* enter setting -> application programs
* setting up particularly for LinkRite.
* turn on the 顯示浮動設定框
* pull down to see the 權限控管
* turn on 我信任該程式 and 自動啟動

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