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Sensor Sense

Sensor Sense

Category: Tools | Version: 3.2.1
Developer: Kristof Jannes | Size: 3.31MB | Updated:03-17
Sensor Sense is an Android app that welcomes you in the world of data by showing you the output of all sensors of your Android device. Check the temperature, humidity, air pressure, gravity, light, acceleration and a lot more.
Most sensors also display a chart with the output of the sensor so you can monitor changes during the time.
You can even capture the values and export them to your computer with a csv file or view them directly in the app.
Sensor Sense give you access to:
* Environment sensors
- Temperature
- Light
- Pressure
- Relative humidity
- Sound
* Motion sensors
- Acceleration
- Gravity
- Gyroscope
- Linear acceleration
- Rotation vector
* Position sensor
- Magnetic field
- Proximity
* Location
- Longitude, latitude and altitude
- Speed and accuracy
* Battery
- Level, voltage and temperature
- Status and health
Sensor Sense combines all these features with a beautiful Material Design with Cards.
Note: not all devices may contain all these sensors.

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Sensor SenseSensor SenseSensor SenseSensor SenseSensor SenseSensor Sense

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