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gX: Calculator

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Developer: Geeks Empire | Size: 0.58MB | Updated:04-11
Easy to Use with Simple Graphical Interface Calculator.
It is a Calculator & Units Converter based on Mathematical Laws & Orders for All Operations
+ Elementary Arithmetic
+ Advance Operation
+ Area
+ Length
+ Temperature
+ Energy
+ Digital Units
+ G33KY F00D
NOTE: You Can Not Delete it. You can delete Values (Numbers).
NOTE: Value of All Units of Converter set for U.S. Measurement System.
NOTE: G33KY F00D (Geeky Food) Units Value set as most Popular Size of Serving (K.Cal).
* Floating Shortcuts XDA Project;
* http://goo.gl/QJYKWJ
* Programming for Sony Products
* http://www.xda-developers.com/android/make-your-own-small-app/
* Geeks Empire [Alpha] Community;
* https://plus.google.com/b/102367938646596380651/communities/116050227274563374363
* Geeks Empire+
* https://plus.google.com/111005369532093965757
/* [ SmApEx4SoPr ] Small Apps extension for Sony products */
Please Write your Opinions to Improve Available Features Or To Add New Feature.

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gX: CalculatorgX: CalculatorgX: CalculatorgX: Calculator

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