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Colombo Browser

Colombo Browser

Category: Tools | Version: 1.0.1
Developer: 512 Labs | Size: 2.05MB | Updated:06-7
* Meet Colombo, a new Browser for Android focused on speed and simplicity *
Colombo is a super light Browser build with an unique UI and UX. This Browser does not have windows. Every time you close it, it will lose your current page, this is because i wanted to Reimagine The web browsing making it intuitive blackberries:
1) Open App
2) Search with Floating Search Bar
3) Read what you want
3) Close
I tested a lot the Security Browser on this and here's some tests:
-> SSL Labs - your user agent has a good protocol, without Logjam / FREAK / POODLE Vulnerabilities
* Colombo Features: *
-Light 2MB
-Share Your websites
-Incognito Mode
-Fab Menu with easy functions
* More features will come in the next updates! *

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Colombo BrowserColombo BrowserColombo BrowserColombo Browser

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