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Category: Tools | Version: 2.2.4
Developer: Daan Muller | Size: 0.10MB | Updated:06-14
CpuFloat is a floating app which monitors several key pieces of system information. You can choose to show it on top of the current app, in the status bar or on the navigation bar so you can monitor your device without leaving the application you are using. This can be very useful if you are testing an app, running benchmarks, playing games, changing kernel settings, want to check your current network speed or quickly detect whether your device goes to deep sleep when you turn it off.
CpuFloat can be set up to be a big vertical floating view with lots of information or a smaller, less intrusive horizontal view.
CpuFloat monitors:
- Cpu frequency
- Cpu temperature
- Gpu frequency
- Gpu temperature
- Time awake and in deep sleep
- Network speed
This counts the time your gadget has been active and in deep sleep, a battery friendly state. Sometimes apps don´t let your device go into deep sleep, this will shorten the battery time.
If available the cpu and gpu temperature are shown. If not available you can choose the temperature sensor in the settings. This has been extensively tested on Qualcomm socs. On other socs this might not work as intended.
Cpu Trippoint
If the cpu temperature gets higher than the cpu trippoint temperature, it´ll turn red. You can change the value of the trippoint temperature in the settings.
You can choose what to monitor and where to show the floating window. CpuFloat can be a big vertical floating view with lots of information or a smaller, less intrusive horizontal view.
CpuFloat is a compact system tool with minimal permissions; vibrate, read sdcard, draw over other apps. There are no ads and it doesn´t use internet data.
Credits to:
CM Calculator apk for user interface idea
m11kkaa (xda developer) for temperature files
existz (xda developer) for awake and deep sleep time
consp1racy for SeekBarPreference
The Tester for catching exceptions and throwing ideas
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