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Category: Tools | Version: 1.0-release
Developer: hyongbai | Size: 0.13MB | Updated:06-15
AirFrozen can help you to "freeze" a lot of rogue or non-rogue but not commonly used applications, thus accelerating the speed of mobile phones.
More important is: "freeze" after, it will not run secretly in the background. It will greatly reduce the speed of the phone's power consumption, and greatly increase the safety of the device.
Similar applications as well as "refrigerator", but the difference is that AirFrozen is a completely free and there are no restrictions clean software, but currently only less than 200KB.
AirFrozen currently does not and never will be ads in the background will not steal any of your privacy.
Note: AirFrozen need to rely on Root to work properly.
Code with love. Peace.

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