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Category: Tools | Version: 1.0.0
Developer: GamesGreh | Size: 2.27MB | Updated:06-21
You made flash animation or games but lost source and assets? You want your musics or graphics back from swf files? This tool is for you. This is Android port of swfextract tool which extracts data from Shockwave files i.e swf files.
- Supports single swf file extraction to multiple files extraction.
- Extracts raw, images, audios etc.
- Very easy to use interface and extraction system. As easy as unzip!
- Exports to a folder of same name as SWF files. Ensure SWF file have valid names and the location has write permission before rating this app for your own mistakes.
Developer info:
This program is based on swftools 0.9.2. Source code is stripped down to what was required to build Android port of swfextract program only. Source of libswfextract.so will be provided on request by email or linked on my websites to stand legit with GPL license. Anyone can then build the .so file and replace the APK's .so file. However providing repacking of APK with my certificates is not possible. This is where GPL license seems to conflict. I cannot change the license of swftools but i can provide GPL kind of access to a module of a software for enhancements anyone needs.
Content of AUTHORS file from swftools 0.9.2:
SWFTools authors
Maintainer, librfxswf(-python), pdf2swf, avi2swf, png2swf, swfcombine, swfextract, swfdump, swfc:
Matthias Kramm
librfxswf, jpeg2swf, swfstrings:
Rainer Böhme
swifty, help with swfc, swfc documentation:
De Clarke
There's a mailing-list, [email protected], which is the right place
for anything related to SWFTools (questions, bug reports, feature requests, etc.).
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SWF File ExtractorSWF File Extractor

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