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Category: Tools | Version: 1.62
Developer: npes87184 | Size: 2.04MB | Updated:08-3
An android app for transforming Simplified Chinese to Traditional Chinese
Lyrics, subtitle and novel Simplified Chinese to Traditional Chinese.
1. light weight and no AD transformer
2. auto detect input languate, auto determine S to T or T to S
3. support GBK, UTF-8, BIG5 and Unicode input encode
4. auto detect encode
5. support choose UTF-8 or Unicode to output file
6. very fast, 1m txt only need some seconds
7. auto detect bookname
8. don't need internet
9. support txt, trc, srt, ssa, ass, saa and lrc
10. add a checkbox that can determine the output file name
11. Material Design
12, transform bubble, you can transform anywhere!
This is free version.
Pro version provides:
1. It deletes donate section in free version.
2. Transform each file in a directory.
3. Give me a cup. I will devote to develop more good and no ad apps.
Pro version: https://goo.gl/O7Jlyn
S2TDroid is a open source project, get more information: https://github.com/npes87184/S2TDroid
If you are interesting about how to transform you can go: http://goo.gl/EmR8yV

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