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Word Count Camera

Word Count Camera

Category: Tools | Version: 1.1
Developer: Micah Price | Size: 24.50MB | Updated:08-11
Word counter that reads & counts not only digital text, but also handwriting from images.
Designed with students in mind, this app will help you monitor the amount of words you write for essays so that you don't go over the maximum word count. It estimates the amount of words on a page using powerful computer vision technology, and can be used as a reference in various different situations to save you time and effort.
It also counts standard digital text (copy & paste), but unlike other word counters it doesn't just count the number of spaces- it uses regular expressions to provide a more accurate number.
Currently, the application is still in it's earliest form, so there will be some degree of inaccuracy for images (~10 words on the slower mode). If the algorithm struggles to read the text, it will issue a warning to you regarding the legitimacy of output.
I intend to improve upon this over time with updates, but I need your help to do so. If you find an image that produces a wildly inaccurate word count, please send me the image to [email protected] and I will use that to assist me for the next update. Thanks!

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Word Count CameraWord Count CameraWord Count CameraWord Count CameraWord Count CameraWord Count Camera

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