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Category: Tools | Version: 1.0
Developer: Suyash Srijan | Size: 2.48MB | Updated:09-28
DroidID is an Android app that lets you unlock your Mac with your device's fingerprint sensor, making it very convenient and easy for you to unlock your iMac/Macbook/Macbook Pro/Macbook Air.
DroidID unlocks your Mac when:
- Your Mac is sleeping
- Your Mac has a screensaver running
- You resume your Mac from sleep by moving the mouse or pressing a key
DroidID will not unlock your Mac when:
- On first boot-up
- When you manually lock your Mac (i.e clicking on your name on the status bar and then clicking 'Login Window....'
If you want DroidID to start up every time you start your Mac, please add the application to Login items under Users & Groups in System Preferences on your Mac
Requirements for using DroidID:
- Mac client app (can be downloaded from Please move the client app to your Mac's Applications folder after downloading
- Android device running Marshmallow (or above), or a Samsung device running Lollipop (or above)a
- A Mac running El Capitan (10.11) or above
Note: Support for Windows is on the way, due to the nature of how security works on Windows, it's a little challenging to get it working there, but I am working hard to make a Windows client available as soon as possible. Please do not leave negative reviews because Windows isn't supported.
DroidID takes security seriously. Your password is stored on your Mac itself, in Keychain. To verify, if you open Keychain on your Mac, you'll see an entry for "com.suyashsrijan.DroidID". You can double click it to view its properties, and it will ask you to enter your password to see the password that is stored by the app. Since Keychain encrypts everything it stores, your password is also encrypted. Your fingerprints are not stored by the app, they are only read from your phone. The app only checks your scanned fingerprint against the ones registered on your device.

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