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Calculator v2

Category: Tools | Version: 3.7
Developer: Scott Mangiapane | Size: 2.46MB | Updated:10-3
Calculator v2 is an advanced calculator app with functions such as trigonometry, logs, factorials, and more while still maintaining a simple and easy to use interface.
Disabling Your Default Calculator:
If you have multiple calculators installed, go to Settings > Apps > All > Calculator (choose the one you want to hide) > Disable. This will hide the stock calculator from your home screen without deleting it from your phone. To turn it back on, go to Settings > Apps > Disabled > Calculator > Enable. These steps may vary slightly on some phones.
* material design with themes
* calculates as you type
* supports multiple operations at once
* advanced operations
* scales to every screen size
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Calculator v2Calculator v2Calculator v2Calculator v2Calculator v2

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