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Game Tuner

Category: Tools | Version: 2.1.6
Developer: Samsung Electronics Co., Ltd. | Size: 2.78MB | Updated:10-24
Game Tuner is an app that keeps your phone cool and saves battery life by tuning and optimizing the resolution and frame rate of your games.
▶ Key Features
1. Control your games' resolution, frame rate, and texture quality.
- Enhance gaming performance, play longer by reducing battery consumption, and minimize app-refresh by decreasing memory usage.
- If you want to, you can set it to use 100% of device performance.
2. Easily shift gaming environments with custom game modes.
- With 5 basic game modes, you can add/remove custom modes to control each game differently.
- Changing game mode is really easy with the Game Tuner widget.
3. Tune the resolution of apps that aren't games.
- It's not just for games, now Game Tuner can control the resolution of apps that aren't games.
- If the app uses a lot of battery, you can use it for longer by reducing its resolution.
4. Change each app's category.
- If a game isn't recognized by Game Tuner yet, you can set it as a 'game' yourself.
- These changes will be applied on Galaxy S7/S7 edge's Game Launcher and Game Tools.
▶ v2.0 Update
1. Cheers, love! The Tuner's here!
The game list appears first, and you can see all of the modes on one page.
2. Feelin' blue
There was only one custom mode, you can add/remove it at will.
3. Wow, what are these all about?
The new features added include: Texture Quality control, Smart Dimming, Frame rate Info and more.
4. Not a game but... You wanna play, too? That'll be fun~
You can also set the resolution of apps that aren't games.
5. It's a game, I said, game!
You can directly set apps as games by changing each app's category.
(This change will be applied to Game Launcher and Game Tools on the Galaxy S7/S7 edge.)
6. Is this for my galaxy?
Supported devices are added.
(Galaxy Note Pro, Galaxy Tab S 8.4, Galaxy Tab S 10.5)
※ Black Screen issue
If you have updated your device from Android Lollipop to Android Marshmallow and see BLACK SCREEN on launching Game Tuner, please see this.
This issue occurs on upgrading GameService. Please clear data of GameService to fix this issue.
Detailed steps are followed:
Settings - Applications - Applications manager - MORE - Show system apps - GameService - Storage - 'Clear Data'
Launch Game Tuner.
▶ GameMode
- Game Tuner needs GameMode in order to operate.
- You can install/update GameMode through Game Tuner. Please visit the GameMode page in Galaxy Apps via the pop-up or the notification that appears when Game Tuner is launched.
- If you have disabled GameMode, Game Tuner won't work. Please keep GameMode enabled.
▶ Supported Devices
- Galaxy S7
- Galaxy S7 edge
- Galaxy Note 7
- Galaxy Note 5
- Galaxy Note 4
- Galaxy Note Edge
- Galaxy S6 Edge +
- Galaxy S6 Edge
- Galaxy S6
- Galaxy S6 Active
- Galaxy S5 (SM-G906S/K/L only)
- Galaxy Tab S2
- Galaxy Tab S (8.4", 10.5")
- Galaxy Note Pro

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Game TunerGame TunerGame TunerGame TunerGame TunerGame TunerGame TunerGame TunerGame TunerGame TunerGame TunerGame Tuner

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