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Notify Box-Notification toggle

Notify Box-Notification toggle

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Developer: Hi Dev Team | Size: 1.5MB | Updated:10-24
Tired of many notifications coming up at the same time?
Mad at your messy notification bar?
Feel your crowded notifications affect your productivity?
Want to stop anyone else but yourself to see notifications from your sensitive apps?
You need Notify Box - a powerful and efficient notification manager.
Customize and optimize your notification settings with Notify Box to create a cleaner and simpler notification display.
★ Efficient notification manager
Notify Box removes unwanted notifications and creates a tidy notification display panel. All notification details can be reviewed in detail. Our smart notification manager creates a simple, clean and organised display of incoming notifications. Who does not want a concise notification display?
★ Smart customized notification display
Customize your notifications by selecting the apps from which you receive notifications. Notify Box identifies certain undesired notifications intelligently and then moves them into a spam box. Technology can really change your life and also your notification panel display. Your notification management experience will be faster, smarter and easier with Notify Box.
★Simplicity, productivity and tidiness
One of Notify Box's ideas is to create an efficient mobile notification management experience in the easiest way. Nobody likes messy notifications or a complex managing process. Our team deeply understood that Android users just want simplicity, productivity and tidiness from a notification management app, so we just created the simplest and most efficient notification manager - Notify Box
★Minimize memory usage and low battery consumption
Our notification optimizing team has worked hard in order to create something tiny but super-efficient. Notify Box is only 1.5 MB, however it does manage your notification display effectively and efficiently. Meanwhile, Notify Box's memory usage is highly optimized, so you have more room for your favorite music or games.
Organize and customize every app with the lightest and super-smart notification manager - Notify Box
Create a clean and efficient notification display panel NOW!
Tell us what you think about our notification manager
Email Notify Box's team
[email protected]
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Notify Box-Notification toggleNotify Box-Notification toggleNotify Box-Notification toggleNotify Box-Notification toggleNotify Box-Notification toggle

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