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Simple Analog Clock [Widget]

Simple Analog Clock [Widget]

Category: Tools | Version: 3.8.6
Developer: Tomoyuki Ono | Size: 160.88KB | Updated:11-13
<> Very simple analog clock widget, supports second hand.
It's easy-to-read on your home.
<> Second hand works on Android 5.1 and later.
<>Though it has second hand, battery consumption is low.
The clock will be stopping while the screen is off.
<> You can change some clockface settings, so surely it will match your home screen.
<> Widget size: 1x1, 2x2, 3x3
If your Android is 3.1 or higher, you can resize after set to the home.
- This app is WIDGET. After install, you must put it on your home from the widget list.
- In rare case, widgets will not be added to the list. This is a problem of Android. In this case, re-install the app or reboot the phone.
- When the Android system load is high (e.g. after lock-off, downloading, etc.) the second hand may not be able to work smoothly. Since this is not a problem of app, please wait a while until it works.
- After you choosed "Open Alarm setting" on "Tap action" setting, you will not be able to open the preference of this app. When you want to change settings, put the widget on your home again, or reboot your phone. Then you can open the preference only once.
- There are phones that does not sleep during charging. In this case, because even during charging continues to move second hand, it might seem like this app is consuming the battery. Usually it does not consume much battery.
- Use second hand
- Color of second hand
- Show hour numbers
- Change number text size
- Show hour and minute marks
- Use clockface background
- Inverse color
- Drawing quality

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Simple Analog Clock [Widget]Simple Analog Clock [Widget]Simple Analog Clock [Widget]Simple Analog Clock [Widget]Simple Analog Clock [Widget]

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