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Cycle Alarm Clock

Cycle Alarm Clock

Category: Tools | Version: 1.1
Developer: FinalWeek10 | Size: 2.46MB | Updated:11-16
A highly customizable alarm clock/count down timer is coming!
Cycle Alarm Clock is a simple but fully functional repeating timer. For example, you can set it for 60 seconds + 120 seconds and 3 cycles, it'll remind you after 60 seconds and then remind you after another 120 seconds and cycle 3 times.
1. Customizable: setting the details, the cycles and the reminder of each alarm clock.
2. Background mode: reminding even if the screen is off.
3. Self-elimination: dismissing self when time's up and starting next alarm clock.
4. Notification: using notification to show the remaining time.
5. Simple and Bright Interface.
1. As a bonus, the ad disappears when the number of cycles is more than half.
2. In headset mode, the reminder music is played only in the headphones rather than through the phone speaker.

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Cycle Alarm ClockCycle Alarm ClockCycle Alarm ClockCycle Alarm Clock

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