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SnipBack - Voice Recorder

SnipBack - Voice Recorder

Category: Tools | Version: 1.2
Developer: Cosmic Pie Design | Size: 2.2MB | Updated:11-23
Not a simple voice recorder, Snipback is a revolutionary voice recorder (it can also be a hidden voice recorder).
When you use your voice recording app, you realize that you recorded huge recordings (maybe hours of voice memo for several hundreds of MB). They are so big audio recordings that you don't even know where to find the information that you need. So you usually avoid voice recording, but sometimes you miss something really interesting, because you hadn't turned the voice recorder on.
With SnipBack we revolutionized the concept of voice recording app:
- Imagine using very little storage capacity
- Imagine saving only the things that matter
- Imagine having an hidden voice recorder always on
- Imagine deciding to save an audio AFTER having heard it!
Here is how it works:
When you turn SnipBack on, your smartphone starts listening. If you tap the "30 SEC" button, SnipBack recovers the last 30 seconds of audio from the past. Press the button AFTER you've heard something interesting, and SnipBack will recover it and save it for you!
Of course, it also works as a standard audio recorder: at the end of each session, SnipBack asks you whether you want to save the whole audio, from the beginning, in a single file. Thanks to SnipBack you'll never miss anything.
- Night mode: hidden voice recorder
- Files are arranged in sessions, to keep everything simple
- 3 different customizable record durations
- Change the recorded audio quality
- Background noise reduction filter
- Easy to use interface
- Send/share an audio track via e-mail, whatsapp, dropbox, etc.
Should you have any feedback or issue, please feel free to contact us at the e-mail address you'll find below!

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SnipBack - Voice RecorderSnipBack - Voice RecorderSnipBack - Voice RecorderSnipBack - Voice RecorderSnipBack - Voice Recorder

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