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Nexus Display Control (ROOT)

Nexus Display Control (ROOT)

Category: Tools | Version: 5.1
Developer: Francisco Franco | Size: 0.36MB | Updated:04-8
All the gamma interfaces are subjective to the Kernel installed if it supports them. Without a custom Kernel these functionalities will NOT work. The only part of the app that does not require any modification besides root is the Nexus 4 RGB multipliers (stock Kernel offers it by default). It does not work with any other device besides the ones mentioned above.
* Galaxy Nexus
* Nexus 4
* Nexus 5
Every eye is different, every person has its color taste. Therefore here's the fresh new Nexus Display Control application that lets you tune your display to achieve the best result for the best user experience. You'll be able to change the Red, Green and Blue values that are used together to calibrate your screen.
The changes are automatically set on boot so you won't need to re-set them every time you reboot or shutdown your device.
If you hit a bug or something you don't like, please, before leaving 1 star ratings email me: [email protected]. I can't reply to Market reviews/comments so emailing me will be the best option.
Permissions: INTERNET and ACCESS_NETWORK_STATE are for licensing purposes.
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I take no responsibility for any fault or damage caused by any procedures within this guide. No warranties of any kind are given.

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Nexus Display Control (ROOT)Nexus Display Control (ROOT)Nexus Display Control (ROOT)Nexus Display Control (ROOT)

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