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Volume Notification

Volume Notification

Category: Tools | Version: 0.7.8
Developer: Seht | Size: 858.65KB | Updated:02-3
Access your device's sound sliders straight from the notification drawer!
Featuring quick settings for Android N and a discrete notification that matches your launcher for Android 4.1 and above. You'll only notice that it's there when you need it!
This tight little tool becomes particularly useful when you want to keep or share any media streaming during a voice call. Or simply when access to physical buttons is limited. Or you just fancy a full touch device.
But it can also be a life saver, when you need to quickly toggle that background audio. Never wished you had it? Well, now you do! :)
This application is open source and does not require any special permissions.
Please feel free to file any issues or feature requests. Your feedback is always greatly appreciated!
** Very commonly the ring volume, notification volume and the system volume, all control the same stream. This is by design from your/our phone manufacturer. Unfortunately this is not something that this application will be able to fix in itself.
More features coming soon! Including:
* Customizing the icons
* Chromecast support
* Custom overlay sliders + current volume indicators
** All custom theme's supported color names will be listed here:

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Volume NotificationVolume NotificationVolume NotificationVolume Notification

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