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LnkShortener for Polr

LnkShortener for Polr

Category: Tools | Version: 1.0.2
Developer: Michael Achmann | Size: 1.36MB | Updated:02-6
With LnkShortener you can use your own Polr installation in order to shorten any link. Share the link from any app and you will receive a shortened URL with the domain your Polr installation is running under. From there you can share the link directly to other apps or copy it to the clipboard.
The App is running out of the box with the URL shortening service. If you have your own Polr running simply enter the URL and API-key of your server in the settings.
This project ist open source. You can review the code, file bug reports or pariticipate on Github: . For setting your own Polr Server you will find more information and the source code on Github as well:

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LnkShortener for PolrLnkShortener for PolrLnkShortener for Polr

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