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LED Control [ROOT]

LED Control [ROOT]

Category: Tools | Version: 1.3.2
Developer: KDB | Size: 0.85MB | Updated:04-17
Turn your phone's LED into a charging indicator!
Use this app to select kernel specific "charging triggers" for the device's LED which will make it light up when plugged in depending on the specific charging triggers
· Motorola Google NexusTM 6
· Motorola MotoTM X (2013)
· Motorola MotoTM G (2013)
· Motorola MotoTM E
· Motorola DroidTM MAXX/Ultra
This app may work on your device even if it is not listed here; these are the devices on which it has been tested. Please understand that if it doesn't work on your device I cannot magically make it work (eg. Moto X 2nd Gen.) and refrain from leaving poor ratings. Thank you.
· Clean, simple, Material Design inspired UI
· Brightness Slider: Control your 'charging' LED's brightness while charging, if your device supports it. Currently works only on Moto X and Nexus 6.
· Set On Boot: Automatically sets the last chosen trigger on a reboot, since the values are reset each time the kernel restarts. Available in Pro version only.
· LED Color: Choose between 3 LED colors if your device supports it (Nexus 6, Droid Ultra, Moto X). Available in Pro version only.
NOTE: This feature is still in development and the implementation is not perfect, so you may encounter bugs. If so, kindly report them to LEDCont[email protected] instead of leaving bad ratings. Thank you!
* AVAILABLE TRIGGERS: (You may not see all in your device)
· While Charging
· While Charging through Adapter
· Battery Full
· While Charging or Battery Full
· While Charging (Blnking) or Battery Full
· While connected to USB
· When Bluetooth is enabled
· When Display is on
· On Internal Storage I/O Activity
· On External Storage I/O Activity
· When flashlight (rear LED) is on
· When camera flash (rear LED) is on
· Always on
*** If you haven't heard of root access your device is probably not rooted ***
This app is open source! Grab it here :
This app has the potential of blocking your notification LED if you use a Moto G/ Moto E (a separate LED blinks just beside the dedicated charging LED but you might not notice it).
Please be aware that I (KDB), nor Google Inc. nor anyone but you yourself are responsible for the consequences of you missing an important notification due to this app.
Send your feedback about this app to [email protected]
· "Nexus" is a registered trademark of Google Inc.
· "Moto" is a registered trademark of Motorola Mobility LLC
· "Droid" is a registered trademark of Lucasfilm Ltd. and a registered brand name of Verizon Wireless

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LED Control [ROOT]LED Control [ROOT]LED Control [ROOT]LED Control [ROOT]LED Control [ROOT]LED Control [ROOT]

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