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Translucent Style

Translucent Style

Category: Tools | Version: 2.6
Developer: Woalk | Size: 0.43MB | Updated:05-5
Change the style (the overlay) of status and navigation bar when in "Translucent mode"!
You don't have to be bind to the KitKat gradient if you are on an AOSP ROM, and also you don't have to be bind to any ROM manufacturer's implementation of it!
As long as the implementation is close to the AOSP version, this module can easily replace it to one of the 8 styles available in this module (maybe there are coming more in the next time).
The currently available styles are:
KitKat gradient
KitKat gradient darker and lighter
Full transparency
Android "L" style (a solid, a bit darker colour)
Android "L" style darker and lighter
HTC Sense 5 Style
"CarBlend" style
"Halo" and "Bracket" gradient (KitKat gradients with curvature)
Without saying you should understand that this only works on KitKat (4.4+), and that the translucent mode has to be enabled to see the changes.
It also works (rudimentary) on some Lollipop devices.
Should work with the following ROMs (unlisted ROMs do not always mean incompatibility):
All near-AOSP-based ROMs (CyanogenMod, Google Editions, ...)
HTC One M7 4.4+ and M8 Stock-based ROMs
LG G3 Stock-based ROMs
Samsung TouchWiz-based 4.4+ ROMs
Sony Xperia 5.0+ ROMs
Maybe it will cause problems with FCs of SystemUI on an untested ROM.
Before you reboot after installing the update, uncheck the third check box in the module - this may help.
If you end up with continuous FCs, press any hardware button repeatedly while booting to stop Xposed from loading any modules. Then disable checkboxes in the module and try again.
Works perfectly fine together with my other module, "Tinted Translucent Status Bar", and makes its tint engine's result way more unique.
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Translucent StyleTranslucent StyleTranslucent StyleTranslucent Style

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