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SysteMon Notification - Beta

SysteMon Notification - Beta

Category: Tools | Version: 1.99beta999s
Developer: FaberfoX | Size: 961KB | Updated:01-8
SysteMon displays a notification icon and graphs on your notification panel for CPU, memory and network usage.
You can see at a glance how busy your phone/tablet is, how much free memory is available and the highest CPU using process. If you are running Jelly Bean or higher, the notification can be expanded to show a list of the top 5 CPU using processes.
The app is multi-core enabled, showing each of your cores in a different shade and the network graph autoscales on demand.
Tapping on the notification bar opens the configuration dialog that lets you start and stop the monitor, set the update interval and enable starting it on boot.
Notification priority lets you choose how high or low you want the monitor to show on your notification panel (Jelly Bean and up).
If priority is set at maximum, android will always expand the notification (if the option is enabled). If set at minimum, no panel icon will be shown.
This is a beta version that will be available on the market until the final app is released.
I plan to release both a free version and a paid one with extra features.
Once out of beta, this app will be converted to a key that will unlock the paid features, and you will be able to install it even after I pull it from the market.
Please send a crash report stating your phone and ROM if you get a force close!
Beta will be over soon! Please share with your friends so they can enjoy the full app once the beta is over.

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SysteMon Notification - BetaSysteMon Notification - BetaSysteMon Notification - Beta

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