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iGest - Gesture Launcher

iGest - Gesture Launcher

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Developer: Dmytro Dolotov | Size: 3.32MB | Updated:01-9
iGest Launcher lets you start applications, make a phone calls, open files, favorite web pages and much more using only one gesture!
Reasons to try iGest now:
- A lot of features that you can do by gestures will significantly improve your speed and productivity
- You can use gestures on lock screen and make phone calls or other actions. You don't need even to unlock your phone!
- Fingerprint scanner on lock screen
- Cool floating button lets you use gestures from any place
- Advanced algorithm with excellent recognition accuracy will learn your handwriting style and recognize all your gestures
- With nice and friendly user interface you will setup all your gestures fast and easy
- iGest is the only one app on Google Play that supports multi-touch gestures. Try it!
All you need is to create a gesture and associate it with an action.
Features that you can do by gestures:
- launch applications
- make a phone calls
- open web pages
- open files
- lock your screen
- send SMS
- send Emails
- enable Flashlight
- and much more...
Try iGest now for FREE!

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iGest - Gesture LauncheriGest - Gesture LauncheriGest - Gesture LauncheriGest - Gesture Launcher

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