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Notification Count (continued)

Notification Count (continued)

Category: Tools | Version: 2.0
Developer: Woalk | Size: 0.34MB | Updated:06-1
This module adds a badge with a number next to notification icons, when the notification has a quantity (e.g. messages).
This is a built-in Android functionality, this module works as enabler for this function.
Additionally, this modules has the option to add such a number to a notification, even while it does not have a quantity:
The numbers are automatically either fetched from the notification title, summary or by counting the times an app adds content to a notification.
It can be manually 'arranged' for specific apps, so that they use a user-specified method (or none) when causing problems.
You can customize the displayed number, get currently the following variations:
- Opaque, white background.
- Transparent white background.
- Smaller number.
- Device default.
Author & Copyright Information
This module was first developed by GitHub user bbukowski.
His version (can be found under http://repo.xposed.info/module/de.bbukowski.notifcount) was not updated since August 2014, and did not work on Lollipop.
I forked his repo (https://github.com/bbukowski/NotifCount) and added my changes.
I added a pull request for my changes and will let him keep the 'right' ownership about this module if he wants to.
Look for README.md in my GitHub repo of this module for more information.

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Notification Count (continued)

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