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Category: Tools | Version: 1.0.3
Developer: International Secure Systems Lab | Size: 1.54MB | Updated:07-13
Analyze what your apps are doing behind your back!
Andrubis is the mobile user interface to the Andrubis analysis service. Andrubis executes Android apps in a sandbox and provides a detailed report about their behavior, including file access, network access, cryptographic operations, dynamic code loading and information leaks. In addition to dynamic analysis, Andrubis also performs static analysis, yielding information on e.g. the app's requested and used permissions, activities, services and external libraries. Based on the results of dynamic and static analysis Andrubis assesses the risk associated with an app in the form of a malice score between 0 to 10 (benign to malicious). This assessment is based on features learned from over 100,000 known benign and malicious applications and retrained on a regular basis.
All analysis tasks are performed on our servers. To submit an application to our server, WiFi connectivity is required. Other than the investigated app, no personal information will be transmitted. Note, that Andrubis only supports apps with a file size smaller than 8MB and an API level of up to 10.
Please keep in mind that Andrubis is a research prototype. Analysis results, risk estimates and behavioral information are automatically generated by our analysis environment and therefore not guaranteed to be accurate. The authors are not liable for damage caused by misclassified applications, either benign or malicious.
For more Information feel free to check out our website or social media:
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