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Category: Tools | Version: 1.7.0
Developer: TeqTic | Size: 227KB | Updated:01-16
KinScreen is a lightweight application that automatically manages the screen time-out. It keeps your screen on when you need it (convenient) and turns it off when you don't (battery savings). No more annoying screen timing out while you are reading or thinking!
If you have an issue, please email [email protected] for support before leaving a negative review!
How It Works:
Motion - The screen is kept on by motion detection of the device. Small movements are detected from you just holding the device. The screen will time out quickly when motion is not detected to save battery.
Proximity - The screen will time out quickly when the proximity sensor is covered, whether in motion or not. Be careful not to cover the proximity sensor while holding the phone in landscape! The screen is also kept on by waving over the proximity sensor.
Tilt angle - The screen is optionally kept on by tilting the phone above a certain angle from flat up.
* Works in the dark unlike other apps that use the camera to detect motion.
* Keep your screen on while charging. This option may also be available in your Android's developer settings, but if you've installed a secure Exchange account, that option is no longer available. KinScreen's option will continue to work and has the option to keep the screen bright as well.
* Battery friendly! The service is designed to be lightweight and use minimal CPU. Only sensors with the lowest power consumption are used. Sensor monitoring is disabled once the screen is off so the phone can sleep and there is no battery drain.
* Simple, without a ton of confusing options. Start it once and forget it! It will not interfere with in-call behaviour, games or any other apps that keep the screen on already.
* Watch what it does in real-time! The coloured motion, proximity, tilt angle, and screen fields let you know what KinScreen is doing. When screen is green, the time-out is being actively extended, when white it is timing out normally (20s), and when red it is timing out quickly (10s). Note the proximity reading may be delayed. This is for efficiency reasons.
Options Explained:
8226; No motion timeout* - The time that the screen will turn off in when no motion or proximity is detected.
8226; Proximity timeout* - The time that the screen will turn off in when something is in proximity.
8226; Lockscreen timeout* - The time that the screen will turn off in when on the lockscreen. This settings currently has no effect in KitKat+, where the default timeout is 10s.
- Note: Timeouts of less than 10s may not apply until 10s after the last touch.
* Except when tilted up less than 1.5 degrees - Motion is ignored when the device is facing up on a horizontal surface. This allows the screen to time-out when placed face up in a moving car or on a table with vibrations.
* Keep on while charging / Stay bright - Does not allow the screen to time-out while charging, with the option to also keep it bright (no dimming). This only works while the device is unlocked.
Additional Information:
After installing, please set the device on a very stable surface, tap calibrate and wait 10s for KinScreen to automatically fine tune the motion sensitivity for your device.
The persistent notification is required so that the service is not killed by the system. If you would like to hide the notification, find KinScreen in Settings -> Apps, and un-check "show notifications". KinScreen will continue to work.
*Features available after unlocking the premium version.
Icon provided by and modified slightly.

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