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Permission Nanny

Category: Tools | Version: 0.0.5
Developer: Permission Nanny | Size: 2.44MB | Updated:07-19
What is Permission Nanny?
Permission Nanny is a permission management system that grants applications access to permission-protected resources only when you allow them to.
Permission Nanny is similar to Android M's Runtime Permissions or iOS's Permission Dialogs, but is available on major Android platforms all the way back to Gingerbread 2.3
How does it work?
When a 3rd party app needs access to permission-protected resources - such as your Contacts, Photos or Calendar - it makes a request to Permission Nanny, who displays a dialog to you, the user, asking you to decide whether to grant the app access. Permission Nanny will only send the requested data back to the app if you authorize the request. If you deny the request, Permission Nanny will send a failure notice to the app, and you'll know that your data is safe.
How will Permission Nanny use my personal data?
Permission Nanny will never access your data without your explicit knowledge. Permission Nanny will only access your personal data when another app issues a request to Permission Nanny which you, the user, explicitly approve.
How can I be sure?
Permission Nanny is open source software; everything Permission Nanny does is under public scrutiny. Check out the Github project if you would like to understand the engineering side of how Permission Nanny works
I still have some questions. Where can I ask you?
We have a Google+ Community! Let me know if you have any questions regarding Permission Nanny. I'll try my best to answer them
Found a bug? Let me know and I will squash it!

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