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Torque: Bing Search Assistant

Torque: Bing Search Assistant

Category: Tools | Version: 2.5
Developer: Microsoft Corporation | Size: 15.07MB | Updated:01-27
Microsoft Torque complements existing mobile web search without switching away from your app. Powered by Microsoft's advanced speech recognition and Bing technologies, you can quickly shake your Android phone to voice search the web without interrupting the flow of your application. You can also flick your Android Wear watch to search the web without saying "OK Google" each time. Simply "torque" to quickly get your answer anywhere and anytime. It is like to raise your hand to ask your question with an immediate answer - what could be more natural?
You can continue to activate microphone by pressing the "b" button. To see more answers, you can swipe left or right inside it. You can also swipe up or down to see more web search results. To close the virtual watch window on your android phone, simply tap anywhere outside. To move it, just touch and hold the frame. Touch the title of each web answer to see the detail in the full browser. If you shake your phone and don't see the Torque pop-up window, you may need to add Torque to your "protected apps" in your phone's security and privacy settings.
Example questions:
- What's the weather like in London? What is the temperature in New York? (world weather)
- Any Indian restaurant nearby? Local shoe repair? (local business search)
- Seahawks score? (up to date sports)
- What is 15% of 86? What is 75 times 46? (calculator by voice)
- What time is it in Paris right now? (world clock)
- What is stock price of Apple? Stock price of IBM? (up to date US stock price information)
- The capital of Italy? How old is Google CEO? How tall is Yao Ming? (simple QnA)
- Delta 25? Flight status of United 808? (flight status)
- How is traffic in Los Angeles? Local traffic? (current traffic map in your area)
- Any news from Microsoft? (web search, click to open on default browser)...
Torque supports following Android Wear watches:
- Asus ZenWatch
- LG G watch
- Samsung Gear Live
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Torque: Bing Search AssistantTorque: Bing Search AssistantTorque: Bing Search AssistantTorque: Bing Search Assistant

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