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Quick Panel (home button)

Quick Panel (home button)

Category: Tools | Version: 1.4.2
Developer: WM Dev. | Size: 1.53MB | Updated:09-20
Quick panel can provide you with information and setting toggle in any case.
You can follow their own preferences, select color or change each panel.
※ Quick launch (Replace Google Now launch mode)
 • Virtual Navigation bar device: Press and hold the Home button, then swipe up; repeat to close.
 • Physical Navigation bar device: May long press or double-click the Home button(Note1); repeat to close.
※ Information panel
 • Date and time
 • Battery power and temperature
 • Network and speed
 • Available RAM
 • CPU usage and frequency
 • Environment brightness
※ Toggle panel
 • WiFi
 • Mobile data (Not support Android 5.0)
 • Bluetooth
 • Auto sync
 • Ringtone mode
 • Hot spot
 • Auto rotate
 • Keep screen on
 • Torch(Flashlight)
※ Apps panel
 • Quick launch other APP
※ Volume panel
 • Voice call
 • System
 • Ring
 • Music
 • Alarm
 • Notification
※ Brightness Panel:
 • Screen brightness
 • Below zero mode(May be less than the minimum brightness)
※ Note 1: Some devices may not support Quick launch.

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Quick Panel (home button)Quick Panel (home button)

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