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Smart Volume Controller

Smart Volume Controller

Category: Tools | Version: 1.2.0
Developer: Birdly (Menno Vogel) | Size: 4.14MB | Updated:11-18
Smart Volume Controller is a simple app that can silence your phone automatically, based on one or more conditions (sound profiles):
● Location (office / school / home)
● Wi-Fi connection
● Bluetooth
● Charging state
● Activity (in a vehicle / on a bicycle / on foot)
● Time
This free smart sound profiles app can also automatically turn on vibration mode, set a specific volume level for the ring volume or mute the phone sound. We have focussed on the simplicity of the app, that is how we differentiate Smart Volume Controller from apps like Tasker or Automate.
The first two profiles are completely free!
With this smart sound tool you can setup your phone to automatically change the ringer volume settings when specified events occur. Choose to completely turn off your phone, turn it on vibrate mode or set the volume on a specific level. The ringer volume settings can be changed based on Wi-Fi, bluetooth, location, charging state, activity events (driving, on a bicycle, on foot) or time events. Smart Volume Controller will automatically detect any changed events and adjust the volume settings to the state you like.
You can choose a location and automatically turn off the volume and mute your sound in a specific radius of that location. Your phone will only use your gps when you are near the location, which is very battery efficient. You location data will not be shared with any party, not even with the developer.
Setup a Wi-Fi network and this volume app will fix volume when you connect or disconnect to this network.
Choose a bluetooth device and automatically silence your phone when connected to the device. For example the sound will be muted when connected to your car Bluetooth.
Charging state
Choose a charging state, for example silence your phone when you charge it if you charge your phone when go sleeping.
Activity (driving, on a bicycle, on foot)
The app detects when you are in a vehicle, so you can drive your car without getting distracted by notifications or phone calls during your trip.
Choose a time to silence your ringer volume sound or turn on vibrate mode, for example on office hours or on bedtime your phone sound will be muted.
Some example smart profiles:
● Silent in school / university / classroom, no ring volume sound when connected to school Wi-Fi.
● Vibrate on office / work, when GPS detects you are near the office location.
● Silent in cinema, turn down the volume sound when you are near the cinema location.
● Let this volume fixer silence your phone automatically while driving a car.
● Turn off volume on bedtime, no calls and notifications will disturb the night by setting up the time you sleep or when you charge your phone.
Where are you waiting for? It is easy and free!

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Smart Volume ControllerSmart Volume ControllerSmart Volume ControllerSmart Volume ControllerSmart Volume Controller

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