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Natural Scientific Calculator

Category: Tools | Version: 2.8
Developer: Stultus Studios | Size: 4.55MB | Updated:01-20
What is a natural display?
All other Android calculators make you enter equations on a single line, much like a something from the 1970s. They're cumbersome, slow and difficult to read. To fix this problem we've spent the last 7 months designing our Natural Input Engine. Instead of having to enter equations from left to right, we've made it so that you can enter equations as you'd write them on paper, using fractions, roots, exponents and more. It's called a "natural display" and is a common feature on scientific calculators like the fx-82 or TI-30XB, and we've finally brought it over to Android!
Made a mistake?
Natural Scientific Calculator utilizes our Natural Input Engine to allow to you edit wherever you need to. Unlike other calculators which make you delete the entire equation and start all over again, with our app you can simply touch the number you want to change and edit it. You can also quickly pan around and pinch to zoom in and out of large equations.
Some other of our features:
- Fractions, exponents and surds: Confused when your equation looks like this? 50∗1/(0.05/12−0.08/12)[1−((1+0.08/12)/(1+0.05/12))^3]. We are too, so we've made it display naturally as it does on paper.
- Material Design: A calculator app doesn't have to be bland and boring. Enjoy the subtle animations and vibrant colors as you work with our app. We're currently implementing our Theming Engine so look out for that soon!
- Updates: For the last 7 months our team has worked day and night to bring you new features and updates - we're not going to stop anytime soon. Support us by leaving us a rating, review or even a donation (we'd really appreciate it!).
- Fully featured functionality:
* Radians and Degrees support
* Permutations and combinations
* Precision to 2,048 decimal places (non-trigonometric/roots)
* Programmable roots, logarithms
* Programmable constants
* Trigonometric functions - sine, cosine, tangent
* And many others we can't list because we'd be flagged for spamming this description!

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Natural Scientific CalculatorNatural Scientific CalculatorNatural Scientific CalculatorNatural Scientific CalculatorNatural Scientific Calculator

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