Category: Travel & Local | Version: 0.4.3
Developer: BitSpice | Size: 7.81MB | Updated:08-17
You will probably notice that it looks a lot like Android Auto. This is certainly no coincidence, as it is essentially a design copy of the Auto interface. Remember that Android Auto is only available in head units at this point in time, so this isn't exactly replacing something you could already have. The finer details of the interface resemble Android Auto less than the overall structure does, but not always in positive ways.
The main screen of AutoMate acts as a notification manager, taking the place of the shade. AutoMate adds the notification you see on top, which shows your current driving speed and battery life. This one will need some cleaning up as there is a great deal of white space and the actual useful information is relatively subtle; remember, you're looking at this while driving a car.
A useful feature here is that incoming text messages will be dictated so long as you have Google's text-to-speech engine downloaded on your device. This can be turned off if you are concerned about privacy with passengers in the car.
You can also use some relatively simple pause/play, forward, and back buttons for music, provided that you are using Google Play Music. Like I mentioned with the notification, I'd like to see a bigger stress on, well, bigness.

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