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Category: Weather | Version: 1.3
Developer: Oliver Feiler | Size: 2.11MB | Updated:04-1
Yes, it shows the weather, too! Snø is a weather app that focuses on photography. The main info screen shows you the weather for your current location and a short 24 hours forecast for temperatures and wind speeds.
After sunset the interface switches to night mode. It’s a darker theme and on (more or less) clear nights the lunar phase is shown.
If you rotate your device the blurred background picture is shown in detail. It is based on the weather condition at your current location. So 20°C and sunny might show you another sunny picture but taken at -20°C in the snowy mountains. Rainy day? Maybe someone uploaded a picture taken during real rain in a tropical region.
Add your own photographs for everyone to see!
Take pictures right within the app or use some from your library and upload them directly to the server. Add a short description of where the pictures was taken and that's it.
Your pictures don't have to show weather exclusively. A soaked cat counts as rain just fine!
Running the servers for Snø is not free. The weather API costs us money, too. It's impossible to keep it running without the slightest form of revenue. Because of that it contains ads that are delivered by Google's Admob network. Sensitive ad categories and any categories potentially family-unfriendly are disabled.
If you enjoy the app, you can also use the in-app purchase to support us with a donation. It’s entirely optional, no further functionality is unlocked. However, you’ll get a new cat icon if you do! And the ads will be gone for up to one year. Please note: removed ads are only a bonus. You can donate once per year.
Snø will need the following permissions:
• Approximate/Precise location: we need that to fetch the correct weather data
• Read storage: needed to load pictures from your album
• Google play billing: needed for the in-app purchase donations
• Full network access: to download any data from the internet
• Receive data from internet and view network connections: used by Google SafetyNET and Admob
By uploading pictures you confirm that you are the copyright holder of all transmitted content. You agree not to upload any images depicting violence or pornography. Pictures must not primarily contain persons. Also: no selfies!
You further agree that any content you upload to be made available under a Creative Commons CC0 public domain license (
All images will be screened before they are made available in the app.
Uploading content requires you to login with your Google account within the app. We only request an ID of your account and your email address. It's needed to assign images to your account in the backend and to notify you if an upload is approved.
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