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Spin Hunters

Spin Hunters

Category: Android Games / Action Games | Version: 1.0
Developer: Malang Studio Co. Ltd, | Size: 18.39MB | Updated:08-30
Casual Zombie Action Game! Spin Hunters!
A city conquered by zombies...
Is power of love only way to get rid of invincible zombies...?!
Your mission is to send those zombies back to hell!
How to Play
Fight with flooding zombies!
Test your limit! Break through flood of zombies!
Test your limit in easy way!
Attack and move at the same time! All you need to fight against zombie is ability to control yourself!
Upgrade yourself to survive!
Collect bottle caps from zombies to upgrade your items to survive in the city turned unto hell!
A variety of hunters waiting for you!
Bizarre and grotesque hunters waiting for your choice!
Compete with other hunters!
Hunt zombies and complete with other hunters through hunter ranking!
Go for various types of achievement!
Countless challenge awaiting for you!
※ Playing under stable network connection is recommended.
※ This game contains in-app-purchases.
※ Be careful! All data will be deleted once app is uninstalled.

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Spin HuntersSpin HuntersSpin HuntersSpin Hunters

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