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Category: Android Games / Arcade Games | Version: 1.02
Developer: GA software | Size: 22MB | Updated:10-26
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Bullet Storm :
Limited Time :
Dodge'n Bomb :
BULLET STORM ARENA is a twin stick shooter of the new sense.
Use the twin sticks to control your ship. and challenge the three different arena.
Let's aim at the high score on each leaderboard by all your skills.
/// CONTROL ///
Move your ship with a touch controller which displayed on the screen.
Also you can use the USB/Bluetooth game pad to control the ship.
The bullet is fired automatically while you control the ship.
When you move two sticks to the same direction, the ship moves to the stick's direction.
and when you move two sticks to the opposite direction, the ship rotates.
When you get three purple items, you can use a bomb.
A bomb is fired when you move two sticks outward.
/// Score system ///
When shoot down the enemies, they drop the yellow item. This is "multiply chip".
This item increase the multiply count.
When the enemy's score is 10 points, you get points.
If you have x100, 10 points become 1000 points.
If you have x500, you get 5000 points!
When bomb is ready, the purple counter appears.
This is "bomb-multi" count.
This counter increases by shooting down the enemies.
The enemy's score which destroyed by bomb is multiplied by multi-count and bomb-multi count.
When the enemy's score is 10 points, you can get points.
Bomb-multi count is reset when player is destroyed.
Get more higher score by using these score system.
Let's aim at the achievement of the "BILLION"!
/// GAME MODES ///
BULLET STORM : Use 5 ships and aim at the high score.
LIMITED TIME : Get more higher score in three minutes.
DODGE'n BOMB : You can't shoot a bullet. Use the "bomb-circle" to destroy enemies.
Check out the leaderboards for checking your ranking in all of the world.
When you get a good score, use "SHARE" button to share your score.
/// THANKS ///
Give your feedback to @gasoftwarejp or @tdkhrs on twitter.
Now I plan to develop "BULLET STORM" (not "ARENA").
It may have a huge snaky stages, player power ups, huge bosses, etc.
It may become a good game :))
If you like this game, please support me for develop "BULLET STORM".
Play this game more, and share it to your friends.
/// CAUTION ///
If your device become hot, Stop gameplay, and let a device take a rest.

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