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Human Heroes Einstein On Time

Human Heroes Einstein On Time

Category: Android Games / Casual Games | Version: 1.1.1
Developer: Human Heroes Ltd | Size: 30.41MB | Updated:12-18
Featuring Stephen Fry as Albert Einstein

"In the Intergalactic Hall of Knowledge,

history's greatest minds are brought back to life.

Their mission: to spread humanity's knowledge

to every corner of the universe ... starting with you!"

Human Heroes: Play with history's greatest minds!

‘Einstein on Time’ is the first in a children’s educational app series – “Human Heroes” - centred on history’s greatest minds. From the philosophers of ancient Greece, to the giants of science, renowned artists, composers, mathematicians, authors and architects – these inspirational characters are brought back to life in a futuristic theatrical setting to perform a captivating live-show experience covering their life and their famous discoveries.

In addition to the educational value of the subjects covered in each individual app, the series aims to develop a deep-lasting bond between the user and these intellectual champions so that they become life-long role models for children.

Created in collaboration with our education experts, the app blends computer generated animations, latest gamification techniques and interactive storytelling to bring a fresh kind of learning experience to the next generation.

Albert Einstein, the 20th century most iconic genius, is presented in this app as a realistic yet quirky digital 3d character. A sock-less, dancing ‘virtual tutor’, he responds to players’ input with contextually relevant information and guide them through the multiple STEM-themed mini games.

Stephen Fry’s luxurious voice-over combined with a sophisticated dynamic speech system brings sentience to the main character. Complimenting the high-quality game cinematics is the app’s bespoke music score created by sound designer and composer Marc Sylvan.

With this app you will:

Master reading all kinds of clocks: covering a key-stage national curriculum area, Einstein will teach and challenge the user to read O'Clock, quarter and half, past and to, AM and PM, 24 hours format and even clocks with Roman numerals!

Experience the passing of time with virtual toys that teach rhythm and counting seconds. You can control professor Einstein while he’s on a pendulum and help him pump his way into a stage full of balloons!

Discover the mind-bending paradoxes of Einsteinian physics and learn about his theories of relativity as well as the relationship between Time, Gravity and Speed and what really is the meaning of the most popular equation in the universe: E=MC2

Learn about the legendary life story of Albert Einstein and how he changed the world of physics and our understanding of the universe.

All facts and figures have been rigorously checked and researched by subject matter experts to ensure scientific, historical and biographical accuracy.

Please note the app currently only support the English language, more languages to come in the future!

No ads

No in-app purchases

No addictive or passive activities

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Human Heroes Einstein On TimeHuman Heroes Einstein On TimeHuman Heroes Einstein On TimeHuman Heroes Einstein On TimeHuman Heroes Einstein On Time

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