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Category: Android Games / Casual Games | Version: 1.2
Developer: LiveFox312 | Size: 22.5MB | Updated:05-30
The SuperSnowBattle(frozen) is a interesting snowball fighting game. Using a simple drag and drop touch control your character and face several waves of opponents.
Obtain coins for each level passed. Using these coins you can unlock or upgrade extras character and mercenary.
Every character has their own unique skills and you can hire mercenaries.
Three game modes : Normal, Boss, PVP
Each character's special skill is cute and the strongly individual cast of chara
cters personalities are well presented.
mercenary system: No worry of an even challenge to rise ! "the frozen" of mercenaries with a difficult boss, can be easily won.
It's simple and fun, but if you look down for a second, you get a painful broken nose ! Never an easy level !
Check out how far you can get.

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