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Category: Android Games / Puzzle Games | Version: 1.09
Developer: Mad Head Limited | Size: 42.43MB | Updated:06-7
Madhead, the developer of Tower of Saviors, is bringing gamers another awesome game - Chronos Gate. The game combines RPG and Match-3, integrating strategic gameplay with on-your-feet thinking. Start your adventure through space-time with over 270 amazing characters who will Evolve like you've never imagined!
Twelve Creators came to being when the world formed. They created all things in the world. Chronos, Keeper of Time, created the Chronos Gate to connect different dimensions. Yet, the mingling of dimensions allowed some of the races to invade others, leading to wars throughout the realms. The Creators then decided to seal off the Chronos Gate to separate the races in their respective dimensions. But one day...
【Game Features】
● Combines RPG and Match-3 while introducing a fast-paced style of gameplay
The game challenges both your reaction time and strategic thinking. With the fast-paced gameplay, it is simply irresistable!
● Travel alongside 270 characters in an amazing adventure through space-time
Summon Heroes across space-time to join your battles. Build your ultimate Teams and collect all these stunning characters!
● Amazing 3D animation scenes with breath-taking visual effects previously unseen
Full screen 3D animated art scenes break free from the restrictions of mobile devices. During battles, you can see 3D attack animation so lively that gives you over-the-top battling experience.
● Live2D guidance leading you through the mysterious world
An interactive Live2D guidance is always there to answer your questions and fight by your side as you surmount obstacles in Stage & Floor.
* Chronos Gate is free to download and play. However, players are able to purchase Timestones in game, which could be used to Summon Heroes from different space-time, restore Stamina and expand Inventory, etc.
Customer Service email: [email protected]
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Chronos Gate is rated "PG 12" under Taiwan Game Software Rating Management Regulations. Some game characters are dressed in clothing that accentuates the breast and hip areas. Part of the game content requires in-app purchases. Gaming can be addictive, please play responsibly.

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Chronos GateChronos GateChronos Gate

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